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British 4X Rd4 Saturday 23rd June 2013 @Redhill Extreme – Gloucestershire

4X Pro Tour Round 2 Fort William

I’m going to start this write up 2 weeks before Scotland, Manchester indoor BMX track, GB mountain bike training. I thought it would be a great idea to snap my chain out of the gate and slide all the way to the bottom of the start hill; this was not what I needed the week before the euro and 4x round at Harthill and then Fort William the week after. Just to make things worse, I went for an x ray on my wrist and managed to get myself a 10 day pot on.
I didn’t want to rush my recovery time so I kept off the bike and missed out on the euro round and British4x round at Harthill. It was a hard decision to make but I had to think long term. (Also got to do what mum tells me).
Right then down to business, there was about 300 miles separating me and my third try at the world pro tour round in Fort William, I have been unlucky the past 2 years due to mechanical issues like flat tyres and snapped chains, but everything was taken into account this year, and to say I only had 1 flat tyre all weekend and didn’t snap my chain, I think we had defiantly improved!
9 hour drive later, 100 versions of the green bottle song and a mum that wasn’t enjoying my singing we finally got to Fort William and for some strange reason the sun was shining! Loads of time before practice I hit up the track to see if anything had changed or not, even though the track was the same it was completely different to ride, the terrain was a lot rougher and there were more rocks sticking out everywhere. The loose sandy surface made it hard to grip too, so I had to stick on my new Rubena Kratos tyres supplied by Rubena, in-between the Harpie tyre and the Scylla tyre, the Kratos was an amazing on this type of surface.
Practice time and I was very eager to get on the track, however the line I had originally looked at through the rock garden had been flagged forcing me to go more towards the right than I had originally planned, this was not good news for my wrist as I was struggling to hold on never mind descend through a nasty pile of rocks. Throughout practice I managed only 1 flat tyre. My start gates on the other hand where surprisingly good, I was surprised the angle of which my wrist had to pull on my bars out of the gate held up, I was very conservative in Thursdays practice, not wanting to push myself to far causing me more unnecessary pain.
Friday on the other hand wasn’t the same; I changed all my lines to better ones and really pushed my limits to make sure I had the fastest line possible for qualifying.
Friday evening brought qualifying, with 85 on the plate I was about the 30th rider down; this gave me a great time to aim for along with trying to set the bar for the rest of the riders. My qualifying run was really good apart from the last corner where I nearly lost the front wheel in the sand but managed to pull it back, nearly braking the 40 second barrier putting in a time of 40.189 seconds and considering my injury I was really pleased with that result, ending up after all the riders had finished qualifying 16th.
Saturday seemed to be a very long day before racing got underway; I was excited for my first race on the new production Maxim Bikes Rasta Frame.
Everything was in place and racing was underway.
Picking gate 2, I went slightly out of shape from the start but managed to pull it back to lead to the second corner where my foot left the pedal dropping me back to second where I crossed the finish line advancing me to the next heat.
Round 2 brought me the fastest qualifier and his team mate along with the rider that took me in the first run, but I was confident, with an inside gate I snapped out and went into the first corner in 3rd, as I went to make my move in the second corner I lost my foot again practically stopping falling back to 4th and finishing that way. Not the way I wanted to end my day at all, at the finish line I found out that the 2nd place rider had been disqualified bumping me up into 3rd so off I went to the top of the VIP stand to finish off watching the racing to my surprise a phone call from my mechanic at the start said I had been moved up to 2nd due to not one but two riders been disqualified for riding through a flagged area.
After a mad rush back to the start I was straight back on the gate ready to race again, I had a really bad gate but made a move on the first corner up to 3rd, unfortunately I was closed down in the second corner and could not make anymore passes down to the finish line and had to settle for 3rd and was officially knocked out in the quarters.
The 4x Pro Tour combined with the UCI Downhill World Cup at Fort William is an amazing weekend with riders from all over the globe really puts into perspective where you’re standard of riding is. Having just come back from a broken wrist to finish 11th (3rd highest placed British rider), I couldn’t have given anymore under these circumstances, I rode my heart out!!
A big massive thanks to all the sponsors that made this weekend possible, Rubena Tyres, Maxim Bikes Static Clothing, Uber Bike Components and Nurishment Drink. Also to mum and dad for taking me, met some great new people this weekend and look forward to seeing you all again, see you at Redhill for the British 4x series.

Due to a broken wrist during an unfortunately accident at the indoor bmx track in Manchester while training with the GB 4X team, ment I had to miss the British 4X Rd3 Saturday 1st June 2013 Euro 4X Rd2 Series Sunday 2nd June 2013 at Harthill,Cheshire

Falmouth British 4x Series Round 2

April brought us to the edge of the country for the Metcalfe family! All the way to Falmouth`s brand spanking new 4x track! Built by our very own Will Evans I have to say a big well done, the track was great fun to ride and awesome to race.
So after a 9 hour trip, tents went up and my head was down for a quick power nap (not like I slept all the way their anyway) and then I went to hit the track and eyes were on the new pro line straight away, from the track walk I had been trying to get my head round the new doubles, but it only took a few runs to get into the flow of things. The pro line wasn’t the only thing on the track that was new, cut out tables into rock gardens and some really off camber corners. Saturday proved you take a 4x track too easily and mistakes can be made and things get messy, I hit the pro line not thinking about it and the second one threw me forward and I couldn’t pull it back, ending up face planting and knocking the wind out of myself. But after any crash, I just had an hour rest, some food and got back on it.
The track was dry fast and loose in places so I took into consideration my tyres and decided on the Rubena Scylla tyres, a narrower tyre for a faster role, and I could tell the difference straight away. The tyres just felt faster on this track than the Harpies.
Sundays racing showed a massive improvement from Afan. Being on the back wheel of former world champ, Thomas Slavic’s back wheel all the way down the track in the first race really gave me a confidence boost. With two 2nd places and an unfortunate 4th after being taken out in the last motto.
I never get hung up on something I can’t change so I took in what I did wrong and made sure it didn’t happen again and it didn’t, in second place in my quarter I took the inside line, I didn’t before and blocked my inside line, good job as the rider that was in first went round the corner and dropped his front wheel, leaving the win for me.
Semi final time and unfortunately the rain came; I struggled to get down the track on my tyres without falling off never mind getting in front and had to settle for a B final. With a quick wheel change back onto the Rubena Harpies, and on to the start gate for the final, the track was still loose and I had different gearing on my bike so I struggled to get down the track, nearly washing out on the last corner I had to settle for 4th, 8th overall in elite at the end of the day.
Big thanks to all the sponsors that made this weekend great, Maxim Bikes, Static Clothing, Uberbike Components, Rubena Tyres and Nurishment Active Recovery Drink.
Also thanks to mum and dad, wouldn’t get no were without them.

GB Mountain Bike Training Camp

Wednesday the 3rd of April 2013 brought us to the National Cycling Centre for the first ever meeting of the junior and elite 4x racers national team, with British Cycling GB coach Grant White and guidance from the pros Will Longdon and Scott Beaumont.
We spent the first part of the session getting used to the track, a sharp track designed for bmx, so was fun to see how the mountain bike handled on the track.
We then split off into 2 groups, elites and juniors, the ladies joined in with the juniors and we took turns on the pro gate, along with some amazing tips and technical advice the group really took to the session and I defiantly took something away from it.
Afterwards we all hit the class room to deliberate, brainstorm and all round general banter.
I saw the start of the first ever GB 4x team this week and feel honoured and privileged to be a part of this, the chemistry and banter really brought us all together and I'm looking forward to the next meeting with all the UK’s riders.

Round 1, Afan, Wales of the British 4X Series

Thanks to Dave Franciosy for thses amazing pics

The last weekend in March brought us to the surprisingly sunny Wales, a first in a long time I have visited Wales and it hasn’t rained.
Set off Friday morning after only 2 hours sleep (night club work, only for the tough) and set straight to Derby to pick the new slim line model of Ramon up and headed up to the tyre sponsors, Rubena Tyres as always it was a great visit.
Arrived at Afan in the afternoon, kitted straight up and hit the track, Afan being one of the most demanding tracks of the season with corked screw corners, a bridge, a 30 meter rock garden and fast pro line, there are a lot of places to mess up on this track and it takes no prisoners.
Saturday was such a chilled out relaxing day, making sure I had all the right lines and big style over the pro straight for the cameras. It was nice to see the sun out and not have to worry about tyre choice; the Rubena Harpies were the perfect choice, it was also great to get out and show off my new static clothing race shirt.
Sunday race day was very nerve racking, gate practise was feeling good but the race nerves were still there and after a slight mechanical with the bike I was ready for racing.
It was all to play for in the first corner, all in, and one out most of the time, complete and utter carnage! The rest of the track was no easier, loose rock and dusty surfaces making it hard to turn safely.
Qualifying motos I had a second, third and a second with an off in my second moto, my front wheel dug in to a corner and the bike bucked me over the bars, landing on the back side of the step up on a rock.
Quarter finals, not getting the best of gates I still found a good line through the first corner and held second, a little slip pushed me out wide after the bridge dropping back to third, I hit the pro line to catch up but cased the top of the second and lost all my speed and finishing my day with a third place and an early bath.
Not a great days racing, bruised back and what not, but live to race another day, bring on round 2 at the brand new track in Falmouth.
Big thanks to, Rubena Tyres, Static Clothing, Uber Bike Components, Maxim Bikes and Nurishment Active for a great all together bike, kit and drink.

Around about a year ago I was introduced by a mutual friend to two local guys who had just set up a new bike components company. UBERBIKE components who are based
here in my home town of Rotherham, are becoming a force to reckoned with. Not being one to shy away from new companys products when Rich and Andy asked me to run the parts on my bikes I jumped at the offer.
UBERBIKE Components offers the rider an alternative to the mainstream parts, sourced from some of the best manufacturers to their own specifications from Ti- bolts to bottom brackets UBERBIKE components are outstanding.
A big thanks to Rich and Andy for sorting me out please check them out

In this day and age of energy fuelled drinks supporting athletes to push their selves further on caffeine and sugar charged adrenalin, it’s good to know that there is still a company out there that can give me help and keep it natural.
Welcome onboard Nurishment the UK’s favourite nutritionally enriched milk drink.
Teaming up with Nurishment means knowing I can have the right intake of protein to increase recovery rate after a hard days ride.
It’s great to have Nurishment supporting me for the 2013 season and a big thank you for this.

Took the 20” and to Peel Park in Bradford for a day of Yorkshire BMX race series round 3. There was a great turnout and the new layout of the 3rd straight was looking really well. The 17+ category saw some good riders and the length of the track itself tested out a lot of people’s winter training and stamina.
Racing was no pick nick, two 1st and a 3rd and not one of them was an easy race, however after it being only a week since I had raced the BMX I felt more comfortable than ever on it, landing jumps smoothly and not doing any silly moves, also semis saw some fast riders and even though I won, it was not a comfortable win I was pushed all the way to the line.
In-between semis and finals we had a pump race, £2 in and winner takes the lot, first race top 3 through to the final against the other racers top 3. Qualifying first I was confident with my gate choice but had a poor start and had to pull it back and with a cheeky long manual into the second jump I lead the race to the line and pocketed £42.
Final also saw me to gate 2 and with a great start had me banging bars all the way down the first straight and pushed up in the first corner into 2nd and I battled my way back but had to settle. It was a real good day with awesome weather and some great riding. Loving the Rubena nitro tyres and my new static race top, feeling pro!

Last year I was stuggling with my tyres. Punctures where the main problem.
Out the blue while on Twitter I noticed a relatively new tyre company to the UK. after a short chat with them they sent me out some tyres to test, I now use their tyres on all my bikes. "RUBENA TYRES HAVE GOT TO BE THE MOST UNDER RATED TYRES OUT THERE"
 I finaly got to meet up with Rubena tyres at the Bike Show last year, what a great set of guys and girls we talked for a long time and agreed that I would run Rubena tyres indefinitely.
A big thanks to Adam from Rubena UK for having faith in me to represent the Rubena brand.

Found myself back on the race BMX over the weekend, it's been a while since I raced it so as the British 4X series fast approaches every bit counts.
It was the second round of the Yorkshire BMX series, hosted by my local club Rotherham BMX.
With 16 riders in my class and no pressure on me I could relax and see what the day brought, a well run event meant it wasn't long before my first race came around with a good start out of the gate I slotted nicely in to second place behind Royal Air Force team rider and good friend Gary Bailey, finishing in that position set me up nicely for the next race.
The second race of the day suprised me a bit on the gate in lane 3 the dropped later then I was expecting and I went a bit too early hit the gate and thowing me off balance, dragging the bike back up I had my work cut out from last out the gate I worked my way through the pack picking rider off one by one, at the half point of the track I made a move for second place and it stuck, carrying my speed down the last straight I noticed that I could possable catch and maybe pass with a bit of effort and half a bike length I crossed the line in first place.
One more race and then the final.
The third race went the same way as the first second place would do.
A-Final time this was going to be fun, a three way race for first place, not wanting to get into a wheel banging situation I let the two nutters go and settled nicely for third overall on the day.

Shaking on 2013 with Ryan from Maxim Bikes

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